Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wild Orange Marmalade Recipe

My in laws gave me many tiny oranges from their orange tree. I couldnt figure out what kind of oranges they were. They were a little bit smaller and more round in shape than Kumquarts. They have very thin skin and no white part between the fruit and the skin. They have big seeds inside and are tart so I decided that they were wild oranges!

I peeled and juiced all the tiny oranges I had. I got about 2 cups of peel and about 2 cups of juice. I will do my best to share "the recipe" with you but this is one of those things I made without a recipe and with what I have on hand. So take the basic methods of jam making and apply.

Here is how I made the marmalade:

About 2 Cups wild orange Peel, finely diced or in strips
1 1/2 Cup wild orange juice from the fruit
1 1/2 Cup sugar
1 package Sure Jell fruit pectin

Put everything in a sauce pan and bring to a boil till all the sugar melted. Lower the heat to low and let simmer for 30 min. Put in mason jars and enjoy!

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