Friday, October 22, 2010

Omelette Roll Slices

Most of us know how to make an omelette. Here is a recipe of an omelette with a cute twist to it! The twist is that it is made into a roll and then sliced, that's all! You can put anything you like just like a regular omelette. Today, I put some onions and mushrooms. I usually put finely diced onion, carrots, and roasted seaweed (Korean or Japanese). Noone taught me how to make this, but I first ate an omelette in a roll and sliced from a Korean grocery store. I liked it and started making them as a side dish because they are easy, pretty, and TASTY!

Basic Recipe: (change it up by all means!)

2-3 eggs, beaten
about 1/2 C finely diced onion, carrots or any veges of your choice

Mix the veges and egg. Pour it in a slighly greased skillet. Cook for a few min till you can roll it in tight roll. Let it cool and slice. They are so pretty!

Click here for a good website that shows step by step pictures if you want to see good pictures and how to fold etc.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

WE ARE ON A ROLL!: The Daring Cooks' October 2010 Challenge

Our October 2010 hostess, Lori of Lori’s Lipsmacking Goodness, has challenged The Daring Cooks to stuff grape leaves. Lori chose a recipe from Aromas of Aleppo and a recipe from The New Book of Middle Eastern Food. The challenge this month requires Daring cooks to make a filling (meat or meatless, but must include rice) and roll it in grape leaves (or Swiss chard, kale, cabbage or some tough green).
I didn't even attempt to find the grape leaves because I am not a big fan of them. I thought about using collard or mustard greens and using fish or shrimp but time was running out and I just did STUFFED CABBAGE ROLLS!I am pleased with how they turned out. I made up the filling with some basic ingredients.
Ingredients for filling:

ground turkey
cooked rice
diced onion
diced celery
salt and pepper
soy sauce
sesame oil

Depending on how much you want to make, just eyeball the ingredients. I used 2:1 ration of meat:rice. Added spices and sauteed a lil onion and celery (add or omit what you like). Blanched the cabbage leaves. Remove the hearts and stuff them with the filling. Roll. Cover with boiling salted water and bake for 20-30 min or boil till the meat is done about 8 min.

The Filling

Blanched Cabbage Leaves

Before Rolling

Cute Cabbage Roll

Enjoy the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yummy Mini Turkey Patties

Today I decided to put this post up for my daughter who loves these little turkey patties. I usually use ground pork to make meat patties since we don't eat a lot of ground beef in our house. One day I decided to use ground turkey instead and we loved it more than the pork so since then I have been using turkey. I think this is going to please your children as well. I usually make a soup and rice to go with these (being an Asian house hold, you know we LOVE RICE!). I have bought meat patties from the Korean gerocery store I go to but they are not my favorite. I think they add mashed up tofu or something and I can barely taste any meat. So, here is how I make mine just the way we like it in our house:


1 lb ground turkey (lean)
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 TBS soysauce
1 tsp sugar
2 TBS Korean pancake flour (use regular flour if you can't get korean pancake flour)
salt and pepper

Combine the above ingredients well and make small patties.

1 egg, beaten
some Korean pancake flour

Dip the patties one by one in egg then flour (shake the excess off) and pan fry with a little bit of oil till they are golden on both sides.