Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 Layer Red Velvet Cheesecake

It's mid January and the last week or so I was searching for the perfect cake or cupcakes to make around Valentines Day next month. I knew I wanted to make a red velvet cake or cupcakes since I've never tried making one. So I printed a couple of recipes and bought some ingredients. I was planning to make one this month as a trial before Valentines Day. A few days passed and didn't make a cake yet but I had a conversation with a friend who was telling me how good the Red Velvet Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory is. That night I searched for images for Red velvet cheesecake and found one that caught my eye at this LINK.
As I was reading her blog, it turned out that she used my favorite cheesecake recipe from the food network for the cheesecake part ( 1 of the 4 layers, YES IT IS VERY TALL and time consuming to assemble, but worth it). So even though I didn't get home from work till 11:30pm, I started baking when I got home. Stayed up till 3 AM and also had to put in one hour for making the frosting and assembling the next morning but WOW the outcome was very rewarding. My honey helped me with taking pictures for this post.
This is not a Red Velvet Flavored Cheesecake, instead it is a 4 layer cake with 3 layers of red velvet cake and 1 layer of Cheesecake in between. For the red velvet cake, I used the recipe from HERE.
However,I used all purpose flour instead of Cake flour.Enjoy!!!

red velvet layers

cheese cake layer

cream cheese frosting

ready to frost

Most difficult part was the assembly....especially when my 18 month old wanted attention from mommy right in the middle of it

Decorating..the fun part!

Well worth the effort ( a big two day long process, but guess what! We now get to enjoy it for days 'cause it's such a huge cake)

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  1. It looks beautiful! I sm so happy my blog inspired such a beautiful creation. Debbie