Saturday, February 6, 2010

Easy Kimchi Chijae (Stew) with Sausages

It's almost Valentines day in about a week, so I might as well blog about three years ago when I met my Korean boy (aka the eating machine It was during the first lovey dovey six months that I decided to learn how to cook Korean food to impress him. I asked what his favorite Korean dish was and he said "Kimchi Chijae with sausages". So I did my research for recipes to make it and most of them are made with either pork or tuna. He said he wanted with sausages so here is how I make it at home now. I am so glad this is his favorite thing because it is SOOOOO easy to make and he loves it every time! Chijae in Korean I think means stew, so it's not very watery. I usually put a lot of water in the sauce pan with some Kimchi and go do other things around the house for about 45 min till the Kimchi gets really tender and the water is reduced.

Some Kimchi. Try to use old kimchi( well fermented instead of just made) is much better to cook this dish with.

Put some in a sauce pan filled with water.

Let it simmer for about 45 min.

Cut up some green onions and sausages. I always use spicy smoked beef sausages.

Add the sausages and cook till the sausages are hot.

Add Korean hot pepper paste (about 1 tsp) and light soy sauce to taste.

Add green onions. (Tofu and jalapenos are also optional)

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