Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lobster Bisque

It snowed in Dallas this week. It's so pretty yet so cold. Definitely, soup weather! I am a soup lover to begin with and this weather just make me wanna cook some soup for the family. This week, every grocery store has lobster on sale as valentine Special, so why not make some Lobster Bisque. I used this recipe from food network as my guideline in making this soup. I used Brandy instead of Cognac, added more tomato paste than the original, and didn't measure anything else..just eyeballed, tasted, a pinch here and there and we get a delicious bisque!!!! A little time consuming, but worth it. I served it with crusty bread and it was yummy! Sorry for the lack of detailed pictures for this post for some of the steps but if you want to make this, please refer to the recipe from food network I mentioned above.

Celery, Onions, Leeks, and carrots, Chopped.
Fresh Thyme.
Butter and oil.
Add the vegetables and lobster bodies.
Vegetables are tender, shells are red. Time to remove from heat, add brandy, light it, let it burn. Return to heat.
Sprinkle flour and make Roux. Add broth or water and cream. let simmer on low for 45 min. Strain the solids.
Chopped cooked lobster meat. Add this to bisque that you just strained.

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